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[SPS]"SPS" seismic protector

[SPS]"SPS" seismic protector

special cylinder for anchoring in seismic zone C1/C2. The protector must be used together with the approved wedge anchor opt.1 (ref.: SNH1)

Zinc plated steel
Fire resistance

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SPS12010 Ø12 X 10 50
SPS12040 Ø12 X 40 50
SPS12060 Ø12 X 60 50
SPS14010 Ø14 X 10 30
SPS14040 Ø14 X 40 30
SPS14060 Ø14 X 60 30
SPS18005 Ø18 X 5 25
SPS18020 Ø18 X 20 20
SPS18040 Ø18 X 40 20
SPS18100 Ø18 X100 10
SPS22030 Ø22 X 30 10
SPS22060 Ø22 X 60 10
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