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[TNU]Universal nylon plug

universal nylon plug
universal nylon plug_2
[TNU]Universal nylon plug

Universal nylon expansion and knotting plug for solid and hollow materials

Hollow concrete
Hollow brick
Nylon guarantee

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TNU06 Ø6 X 38 300
TNU08 Ø8 X 51 100
TNU10 Ø10 X 61 100
Code Dimension Pieces/Blister Blisters/Box
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€/100 Blister
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BTNU06 6X 38 10 20 260,00 €/100 Blister
BTNU08 8X 42 10 20 260,00 €/100 Blister
BTNU10 10X 61 6 20 260,00 €/100 Blister
Code Dimension Pieces/Sack Sacks/Box
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€/100 Bolsa
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Metal anchors , chemical anchors , nylon fixings , Solar and scaffolding , Screws , Stainless steel fasteners , Blind Rivets , Clamps and fasteners , Lifting elements , Stainless steel fitting

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