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[7504PT]Zinc plated self drilling screw DIN 7504-P TX

zinc plated self drilling screw DIN 7504-P TX
zinc plated self drilling screw DIN 7504-P TX_2
[7504PT]Zinc plated self drilling screw DIN 7504-P TX

Zinc-plated countersunk head self-drilling screws with TX recess with sheet metal thread according to DIN 7504-N.

Metal assembly
Sheet profiles
Aluminum profiles
Zinc plated steel
Electric screwdriver

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7504PT035013 Ø3,5X13 1000
7504PT035016 Ø3,5X16 500
7504PT035019 Ø3,5X19 500
7504PT035025 Ø3,5X25 500
7504PT035032 Ø3,5X32 500
7504PT035038 Ø3,5X38 500
7504PT039013 Ø3,9X13 500
7504PT039016 Ø3,9X16 500
7504PT039019 Ø3,9X19 500
7504PT039025 Ø3,9X25 500
7504PT039032 Ø3,9X32 500
7504PT039038 Ø3,9X38 200
7504PT039045 Ø3,9X45 200
7504PT039050 Ø3,9X50 200
7504PT042013 Ø4,2X13 500
7504PT042016 Ø4,2X16 500
7504PT042019 Ø4,2X19 500
7504PT042025 Ø4,2X25 500
7504PT042032 Ø4,2X32 200
7504PT042038 Ø4,2X38 200
7504PT042045 Ø4,2X45 200
7504PT042050 Ø4,2X50 200
7504PT048016 Ø4,8X16 500
7504PT048019 Ø4,8X19 500
7504PT048025 Ø4,8X25 500
7504PT048032 Ø4,8X32 200
7504PT048038 Ø4,8X38 200
7504PT048045 Ø4,8X45 200
7504PT048050 Ø4,8X50 200
7504PT048060 Ø4,8X60 100
7504PT048070 Ø4,8X70 100
7504PT055019 Ø5,5X19 200
7504PT055025 Ø5,5X25 200
7504PT055032 Ø5,5X32 200
7504PT055038 Ø5,5X38 200
7504PT055045 Ø5,5X45 200
7504PT055050 Ø5,5X50 200
7504PT055060 Ø5,5X60 100
7504PT055070 Ø5,5X70 100
7504PT055080 Ø5,5X80 100
7504PT063019 Ø6,3X19 200
7504PT063025 Ø6,3X25 200
7504PT063032 Ø6,3X32 200
7504PT063038 Ø6,3X38 200
7504PT063050 Ø6,3X50 200
7504PT063060 Ø6,3X60 100
7504PT063070 Ø6,3X70 100
7504PT063080 Ø6,3X80 100
7504PT063100 Ø6,3X100 100
7504PT063120 Ø6,3X120 100
7504PT063140 Ø6,3X140 100
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